Justin Bieber's former neighbour seeking $1 million in lawsuit damages

The victim of Justin Bieber's infamous egging attack is fighting the singer's efforts to cap his lawsuit payout at $25,000 (£20,500), insisting his damage exceeds $1 million (£821,500).

Jeff Schwartz, who accused the Baby hitmaker of vandalising his Calabasas, California home in 2014, pursued civil action against Bieber in 2015, launching a bid for compensation amid allegations the pop star spat on him during an argument in 2013. He claimed the reported assault, and other alleged incidents of threats and harassment, caused him and his wife Suzanne emotional distress in the lead-up to the egging controversy.

Bieber's lawyers recently offered $25,000 to settle the suit and cover his former neighbours' "pain and suffering, emotional distress and property damage", but Schwartz isn't interested in the figure, because he believes he deserves much more.

In court papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last week (ends06Jan17) and obtained by People.com, Schwartz's attorney makes it clear his clients want to make Bieber pay, declaring their actual damages "exceed $1 million".

Bieber's representatives have yet to respond to the latest motion, which comes days after his lawyers moved to block the release of the 22-year-old's upcoming deposition video to the media, citing concerns the tape will become a "spectacle", insisting "it's unfair to put it out in the world".

Justin previously pleaded no contest to vandalism charges regarding the 2014 clash, but demanded the Schwartzes undergo mental evaluations to prove they're still battling the psychological issues they are demanding compensation for as a result of the three-year-old incident.

The Sorry singer, who has since moved out of the area, was placed on probation, fined and handed five days of community service and anger management counselling as a result of the egging attack.

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