Las Vegas music stars line-up for 2017

The links between Las Vegas casinos and showbiz go way back. For example Sinatra and the Rat Pack made it their own in the 60s and the latter stages of Elvis’ career also played themselves out in the glaring neon of Nevada and against the backdrop of glitzy casinos.

Today the balance may even be shifting even further away from it being a gambling town to becoming more of an entertainment capital for the world. The fact that the next major development planned is not for a casino but for a 17,500 seat entertainment centre does seem to indicate that the slots and tables may well have passed their heyday.

But, to maintain its position as the entertainment capital of the world, it’s going to need to ensure that the biggest acts and most spectacular shows are lined up to keep on drawing in the crowds. Fortunately there seems to be little problem here with many stellar names and shows planned for 2017. Here are just four of the biggest.

Britney Spears

Following several years out of the limelight Britney effectively reinvented herself by launching a greatest hits show called “Piece of Me” which premiered in Planet Hollywood in 2013 and today she is one of the biggest draws at the venue. The original show was such a huge hit that it was refreshed early in 2016 and re-named “Remixed, Reimagined. Still Iconic”. The fantastic success continues and it’s been extended to run well into 2017.

Rod Stewart

Veteran of the music scene Rod Stewart has proved time and time again that he’s not ready to swap the microphone for the slippers yet and in March and April he’ll be taking his Greatest Hits tour to the spectacular venue of Caesars Palace. So expect to enjoy music from all eras of his career including from his time with The Faces to more recent explorations of the so-called Great American Song Book.

Donny and Marie Osmond

With well over 2,500 performances behind them Donny and Marie have become a true Vegas institution and are playing the Flamingo Hotel pretty much throughout the year. The pair were massive stars the 70s along with seven other brothers and the duo have since gone out on their own to star in this hugely popular show that features all their hits and more.

Roger Waters

Despite many tribute bands that tour the world performing the songs of Pink Floyd there’s only one of the original line-up still playing the back catalogue and that’s Roger Waters. So when he arrives at the 20,000 seat T- Mobile Arena in June expect spectacular sets, ambitious staging and some of the band’s most unforgettable songs from albums like Wish You Were Here, The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon.

Of course, there are literally hundreds of other stars, shows and spectacles awaiting you at Las Vegas in 2017 – and because they are on so often and for so long there’s little chance of them being sold out. So, if there’s a superstar that you’d really love to see, check out whether Vegas could be the perfect place for your dream to come true.

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